This post is the first of a three post series on using deep learning to tackle the CAMELYON Challenge. This first post covers basic …

In 2018 Jeroen van der Laak and I were nominated and eventually won a Radboud Science Award for our work with the CAMELYON challenge. …

Current Projects


Deep PCa

Less unnecessary therapy for prostate cancer patients.


Detection of breast cancer metastases in lymph nodes.

Automated Analysis of Histopathological Clinical Trial Data

Machine learning methods were used to automatically extract and quantify biomarkers from histopathological clinical trial data.


Open source whole-slide image IO library and viewer

Computerized Detection of Prostate Cancer in Multi-Parametric MRI

Automation of multi-parametric MRI diagnostics via traditional pattern recognition.

In the Media

Interview and podcast with Omroep Gelderland after my appearance in the theater show ‘De Nieuwe Mens’ in Lux, during which …

For a special series of Summer Mini-Lectures Jeroen van der Laak and I were interviewed by Karlijn Meinders on AI in diagnostic …

Interview with BNR Beter on the digitization of pathology and the role of artificial intelligence in the workflow of the pathologist. …

Interview with the Foundation which supports prostate cancer patients in the Netherlands. They supported my Bas Mulder Award …

Selection of Presentations

This presentations aims to provide an introduction to the basics and fundamental concepts of deep learning in medical imaging.

Should doctors fear for their jobs due to the rise of AI? In this presentation I explained which aspects of their job will change and …

Clinical pathology as at the forefront of a digital revolution. In addition to the digital workflow, pathologists will also come into …

Recent Publications

. Automated Gleason Grading of Prostate Biopsies Using Deep Learning. United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) 108th Annual Meeting, 2019.